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 Cassandras File On Carravaggio

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PostSubject: Cassandras File On Carravaggio   Sun Apr 26, 2015 1:09 am

This is a picture of  Enzo Siciliano, Cara's grandfather, who ended up working on the staff of La Repubblica (Italian pronunciation: [la reˈpubblika]) is an Italian daily general-interest newspaper. It was founded in 1976 in Rome. We believe it was this man, who used Rinky Dink and You to teach Cara how to make use of drawings to depict grotesque characters, bewildered innocents and bumbling authority figures.

This is a picture of a round-up of mental patients who went off their Meds and started running around 'wilding.' The man facing the camera has been positively identified as IZZY. Notice the Officer's sleeve has D P 2 on it. Could this be a picture of Cara... or Pope?

A pamphlet found on Ebay.. notice the face is obscured and the author is listed as Cara. So far this document has not turned up any useful information.

For a short time there existed a Gay Bubble Gum Company in California. Notice on this pack the seven looks more like an L. When turned upside down you can almost make out the word Latin. Hummmm very interesting. I wonder who the artist was!
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Cassandras File On Carravaggio
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