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 Popes Peonage

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PostSubject: Popes Peonage   Fri May 15, 2015 3:02 pm

It goes further than Scorpio suggests...

Ironically the Forum is FOR THE PEOPLE... designed as a place to vent, to joke, to allow freedom to express all feelings.. with a medieval feel and that's where the irony comes in because SLAVERY EXISTED in medieval times.. in Europe, in China, in the Islamic kingdoms and the Caribbean islands as well as in Africa and the American South.

Why would Pal Talk Chat Room Lords want a forum where the people they control can have recourse, in a place away from their abuse? They DONT WANT THIS! A place for the quieted ones, the pushed aside, the shouted down, the red dotted and all the victims of their orchestrated mob violence.. the redundant revisionist rhetoric they promote is a form of hate speech against all whom they see as competitors... designed to turn the crowd against itself.. as they hang to the ledge at the top... where they imagine their kings chair to be....

Speak out here and be entered into the archives, the history books, and have no fear of recriminations. Speak freely without worrying that a Fucker, Pope or Benny is whispering lies from behind you or from the sidelines.

Their coercion through force cannot manipulate the readers inside this forum.. think of this place as a sanctuary from their tyranny. The Fucker, Benny and Pope huddle wont initiate any plays against you here. Benny likes to be the Brain with Pope as Pinky: the masterblaster turning paltalk into a thunderdome for the dumb.

Paltalk Slavery is a parasitic relationship between Master and Slave, a domination of a alienated, or socially dead, person.

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Popes Peonage
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